Nieuwe goede kwaliteit BD82P55 SLGWV SLH24 BGA-CHIPSET


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  • Model Aantal: BD82P55 SLGWV
  • Toepassing: Computer
  • Oorsprong: CN(Oorsprong)
  • voorwaarde: Nieuw
  • Power Dissipation: Intermational standaard
  • Voedingsspanning: Intermational standaard
  • Werkende Temperatuur: Intermational standaard
  • Type: Drive IC
  • Merknaam: CBBYO
  • Pakket: Andere

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Angela Marshall3
Sent quickly, unfortunately at the autopsy found that the crystal has a lot of damage, literally burst in several directions. Wrote about this situation to the seller and opened a dispute, he wrote that the description indicated, that the goods are old, but it works. There are miracles, of course, but I think this is not the case. Texting clean, the balls are rolled smoothly, what about the package-it was good, the chip itself is packed in a plastic case, which in turn is packed in a abundant amount of navel, which makes you doubt the damage on delivery. The seller did not enter into a dispute, Ali's arbitration made a full refaund. Comrades, be sure to record on video the process of opening the package, carefully examine the crystal for mechanical damage. And in general, bu chips are a lottery, 10 times think about buying here or from local, but more expensive. The seller seems adequate, such on Ali a little.
Kev 13 5
fast shipping. working.
The order came, the hub is already put on the mother and works successfully))) Thanks!